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Era - Victorian

Materials - 18K Gold, Diamonds

There is something particularly swoon-worthy about a locket, and the alluring Victorian Fleur De Lis Locket gives us all sorts of flutters. Modeled after the entrancing iris, the diamond fleur de lis adorning this locket was encoded with message and meaning for hearts entwined with one another. 

Known in some parts of China as the dancing spirit of early summer, the fetching iris flower was believed by Victorians to represent ardent courage and abiding admiration. As it was considered uncouth to speak of such things aloud during this most polite of eras, individuals resorted to exchanging symbols of the affection which thrummed in their souls.

A lock of hair, a tender word, a bit of fabric—we cannot help but wonder what was first contained within the 18K gold embrace of this Victorian necklace. Beyond the meaning of the iris itself, everlasting enchantment was also sealed into the stones which form the fleur de lis. Gems of faithfulness and fidelity, diamonds were the ultimate jewel of lasting love for the Victorians. 

A masterpiece of Victorian craftsmanship and showpiece of significance, this antique locket continues to thrill with its unique beauty. Personalized to the wearer by what is contained within, this necklace bears witness to the enduring power of love in all its forms as it holds what is dear to you near to your beating heart.