$12,440.00 USD


Era - Victorian

Materials - 18k Gold & Silver, 13 Collet Set Moonstones (12.95cts), 186 step cut Rubies (8.75cts) and 177 Old Mine Cut Diamonds (5.75cts)

Length - 7"

*Official Appraisal Included 

In Victorian England, symbolism was everything. Prevented from openly speaking one’s mind by the social conventions of the time, individuals adorned themselves with jewelry which hid meaningful truths about them in plain sight. Everything from the design of the jewelry to the gemstones selected were a possible hint at secret dreams or desires. Knowing that, we cannot help but be fascinated by the woman who first slipped this stunning Victorian Moonstone Ruby and Diamond Bracelet onto her arm. 

Magnificently designed by a masterful Victorian artisan, this radiant bracelet features 186 step cut rubies and 177 old mine cut diamonds intertwined in brilliant circles around 13 luminous collet set moonstones in gleaming 18K gold and silver. As gemstones of the sun, rubies are said to embody the heat of passion and pleasure blazing within a heart. Though most often known as symbols of strength and resilience, diamonds are also believed to empower fearlessness and an untamable spirit. And moonstones? Well, moonstones have been said to connect the one who wears them to the magic and mystery of the Moon herself.

Might this bracelet have once been worn by a fierce woman with an ardent appreciation for the pleasures of life and an air of the mystical about her? And might it be worn by just such a someone again? We like to think so. But even if it is all in our heads, what we do know for certain is that this phenomenal bracelet will dazzle and thrill wherever it is worn.