$12,440.00 USD


Era - Victorian

Materials - 18k Gold & Silver, 13 Collet Set Moonstones (12.95cts), 186 step cut Rubies (8.75cts) and 177 Old Mine Cut Diamonds (5.75cts)

Length - 7"

*Official Appraisal Included 

There is a goddess who wears an entire universe around her wrist. Adorning herself with the radiance of the rising sun, the gleam of the luminous moon, and glittering worlds all embedded in brilliant gemstones, she owns her divinity as she dances and laughs with the joy of existence. She knows her power. She uses it well. The color of her hair, the place where she lives, and even her name changes as time passes, but her essence remains the same even as the expressions of it shift with the years. And this? This is her bracelet. 


As gemstones of the sun, rubies symbolize the passion blazing within a heart. Prized for strength and clarity, diamonds signify the wisdom which guides decisions. And moonstones offer the balance of the seasons granted by their namesake throughout the ebbs and flows of life. Each magnificent on their own, their beauty and power is unified in the Victorian Ruby and Diamond and Bracelet. Featuring 186 step cut rubies, 177 old mine cut diamonds, and 13 collet set moonstones in 18K gold and silver, this bracelet embodies the wonder of the cosmos in one glorious ornament. It is a bracelet fit for a goddess: you.