$3,460.00 USD


Era - Antique c1880

Materials - 18k Gold & Rose Cut Diamonds (3tcw)

Length - 18mm

For individuals who thrive amidst rules and regulations, Victorian England likely seemed a paradise. Guidelines for etiquette encompassed everything including when to pay or receive a visit, what to wear for such social calls, how to enter the dining room at a dinner party, and who greets whom when encountering someone familiar on the street. Yet beneath the polite smiles and gloved hands extended with perfect decorum, there beat in the heart of many women a tattoo of independence escalating into direct action against the strictures and systems designed to discourage self-determination.

Into this world came the radiant Victorian Rose Cut Diamond Earrings at the hands of a masterful artisan. Crafted from 18K gold and 3 total carat weight of rose cut diamonds, these scintillating earrings adorned just such a woman empowering herself and others to be wholly their own—or so we like to imagine. And as a companion for flouting conventions, one could not ask for better than diamonds. Symbolic of illumination and strength, diamonds are said to lend their clarity and resilience to those who wear them. Gemstones of courage, they have been prized as amplifiers of the energy required to dream big and attain goals. And set into the sunny gold of these brilliant Victorian earrings, they are utterly enchanting. 

Perfectly suited to any ensemble, these diamond earrings may have been brought into being during a time of strict social dictums, but they shine today in celebration of those with the fortitude to follow their own rhythm.