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Era - Victorian 

Materials - 15k Gold & Sardonyx 

Size - 9.5

Strength. Protection. Happiness. Stability. For more than 4000 years, sardonyx has been empowering those who wear it with these attributes. Believed to imbue wearers with courage as well as clarity, sardonyx is also said to be a stone which assists in manifesting one’s desired destiny. Though first discovered in Egypt, this dynamic gemstone made its way throughout the Western world in the cameos and intaglios worn by ancient Romans as they traveled for exploration and conquest. Most often seen with an image carved on it, the singular beauty of sardonyx is no less striking when kept immaculate.

Fashioned from 15K gold and sardonyx, the handsome Victorian Sardonyx Ring is an impressive testament to the elegance of simple design. Offering superb finger coverage in a style perfect for delighting anyone and enhancing any ensemble, this stately Victorian ring is suited to serving as talisman, tribute, or treasure. However you choose to wear it, this sardonyx ring is a straightforward fashion statement.