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Era - Vintage

Materials - 22K Gold 

Length - 7.5"

To liberate, nurture, and empower—the essential Feminine indispensable to all existence has been entrusted with many vital duties. Often personified as a woman, this essence of wisdom, liberty, and compassion has inspired artisans, poets, musicians, and countless others to honor all the tender and tenacious aspects of being with offerings of justice, creativity, kindness, and courage throughout history. And it is this allegorical interpretation of all admirable and astonishing which is celebrated by the fascinating Vintage 22K Coin Bracelet.

Featuring coins which pay homage to Helvetia of Switzerland and Marianne of France, this handsome vintage bracelet is a singularly splendid addition to any ensemble. As the symbol of partnership between peoples, Helvetia has adorned the francs of Switzerland since 1848. Emblematic of freedom, equality, reason, and kinship, Marianne has been the personification of France since the French Revolution and continues to be featured as the official government logo of France. Together, they enliven the fabulous 22K gold chain of this vibrant vintage bracelet.

A unique addition to your collection, this vintage bracelet is a blaze of empowerment slipped around the wrist.