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Era - Vintage

Materials - 18K Gold, Aquamarine (1.16ct), Diamonds

Size - 6

Ancient Roman rumors had it that mermaids possessed the most terrific troves of treasure. Gold and silver and gems galore could be sought beneath the ocean’s waves or gifted to humans by merpeople grateful for an act of service. Among the most astonishing of these watery wonders was the gorgeous aquamarine. Shaded like the sea itself, this gem was said to protect all who journeyed by water and grant a calm courage to those who wore it. 

No less magnificent for being brought into existence by human hands rather than the mythical makings of mermaids, the Vintage Aquamarine & Diamond Ring shimmers like the surface of serene water on a sunshine day. Crafted from 18K gold, twinkling diamonds, and an awesome aquamarine, this vintage beauty dazzles wherever it is worn. And if the lore passed down through the ages is correct, it may even bestow upon you an extra measure of bravery and clarity of purpose along with a jumpstart of joy whenever you slip it on.