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Era - Vintage

Materials - Old Mine Cut Diamond Halo (1.6tct) Black Opal (3.68ct) & 18K gold

Size - 6.5

When we look at this Vintage Black Opal and Diamond Ring, we see an entire universe in the gemstone which centers this marvelous jewelry. Kaleidoscopic and mesmerizing, the opal at the heart of this stunning vintage ring invites us into a world beyond our own. Was it the call of just such a mystical realm, we wonder, which once inspired a man to give up everything else he owned for the sake of an opal?


The year was 41 BC, and Nonius—a wealthy Roman senator—possessed a particularly magnificent opal. In those days, Romans prized the opal above nearly all other gems and believed the essential beauty of every precious stone was distilled in its prismatic shimmer. Carried and gifted by rulers and dignitaries as talismans of good luck, an opal like the one Nonius owned was likely coveted by all who saw it. Marcus Antonius certainly wanted it and ordered the death of Nonius when Nonius refused to sell it. Forced to flee his home and country, Nonius took his exceptional opal with him into self-imposed exile. 


While we wouldn’t leave the country just to keep this brilliant ring, we certainly can understand this impulse. Said to be a gem which fosters creativity and brings good luck, opals continue to fascinate and empower those who wear them. With a halo of old mine cut diamonds twinkling like stars among the captivating cosmos of this brilliant black opal, it’s no wonder the singular beauty of this vintage ring catches attention and inspires imagination wherever it goes.