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Era - 1980's

Materials - 18k Gold, Citrine

Size - 7.75

There is nothing quite like basking in the enchantment of the autumn sun. As the wind begins to swirl with hints of frost and changing leaves, the radiance of its warmth keeps us company as a dance of transformation begins. Releasing what will no longer serve well, flora and fauna gather into themselves what is required for the upcoming season. In this liminal space, there is a return to essence as the mind is cleared and the soul rekindled with the truth of its own existence. 

With an amber glow reminiscent of autumnal sunshine, citrine is a gemstone known for its ability to help free the heart and mind of the wearer in order to manifest more of what is good and true for them. Citrine has been used throughout time and civilizations to inspire expansion in both financial and creative endeavors. Its rich saffron hue delights the eyes and spirits of all who encounter this precious gem, and it one of the few gems which never absorbs negative energy. 

With two splendid citrines cabochons at its heart, the Vintage Citrine & Gold BVLGARI Ring is a tribute to singular beauty and style. Designed and crafted by a company famous for Italian luxury, this handsome gold ring brings its own sunshine wherever it goes. A celebration of all that is unique, this striking ring reminds us of the wonder that is simply being who we truly are.