$9,525.00 USD


Era - Vintage

Materials - 14k Gold, Ruby & Rose Cut Diamonds (3tcw)

Size - 42.8 grams

The most enduring love—whether for another or oneself—is a love which transforms and renews over and again throughout the years. As we evolve, we release what no longer serves us well—shedding habits, beliefs, and even relationships which could keep us from flourishing into all we are destined to become. It is a laborious endeavor, this transformation, this maturation, but we humans have been granted a guide on this journey by Mother Earth herself—the magnificent snake. Outgrowing itself repeatedly, the snake discards what no longer belongs and emerges from its own remnants with a renewed sense of purpose and power. 

A glittering tribute to shrewd and spectacular serpents, the gorgeous Vintage Coiled Snake Bangle is an elegant celebration of expansion. Fashioned from 14K gold and featuring 3 carats of total weight in dazzling rose cut diamonds as well as eyes of radiant ruby, this elegant bracelet encircles the wrist as both ornament and remembrance of one’s own ability to thrive through transition. Gifted to yourself or someone you love, this brilliant vintage bracelet honors the journey of the one wears it even as it excites attention and admiration for its singular beauty.