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Era - Vintage

Materials - Platinum, Opal & Diamonds 

Size - 6

Width - 21 x 17mm

There is nothing like envy to set a rumor flying. And there is nothing quite like a brilliant opal to ignite envy. Though ancient Romans revered this jewel as the perfect combination of all other gemstones and many throughout history credited the opal with bringing good fortune and a zest for life, this magnificent gemstone’s reputation has suffered for a few unlucky coincidences. One superstitious bishop in the 11th century referred to it as “the guardian of the thievish race,” and even as late as the 19th century, it was being blamed for deaths among the Spanish royal family which were likely actually the fault of cholera. 

Diamond merchants in the mid-19th century were often jealous of this kaleidoscopic gem’s allure and further attempted to besmirch the jewel by spreading falsehoods and unflattering folklore, but if they could see this stunning Vintage Diamond and Opal Ring, we think they might regret their words. Set in pristine platinum, the wonder of the luminescent opal at the center of this ring is complemented by the sparkle of diamonds encircling it. There’s no need for jealousy, though their alliance is certain to catch the eye of those who see them together. Here we have harmony in a ring and a reminder that sometimes we shine brighter for the presence of another.