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Era - Vintage

Materials - 14k Gold & Diamonds 

Length - 18"

There is not a single one of us who is entirely brand new. Woven together with the dreams and DNA of those who came before, our presence links the past and future. Not a single individual in the chain of existence is insignificant because existence is a shared experience. Even the smallest of kindnesses, the softest of touches, and the slightest of smiles can create a ripple of generosity and compassion that reaches far beyond where it began. It is an honor to be alive, and it is a responsibility. For we belong not just to ourselves, but to the earth from which we come and the people who share this planet with us. 

Crafted with care by someone who came before, the Vintage Diamond Ball Chain is a tribute to the truth that we all can offer some measure of beauty to ones we may never meet. Fashioned from 14K gold and diamonds, this simple sparkler is a delight on its own and a charming addition among layered necklaces. However you choose to wear this vintage necklace, draping it around your neck unites you with the artistry of the past as you craft your own present and dream of the future.