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Era - Vintage

Materials - 14k Gold & Diamonds (.50ct) 

Size - 4.5

Width - 8.8mm

Love which is never lost—that is what a buckle ring symbolized to people in the Victorian era. Prohibited from the free expression of nearly all emotions by the rules of propriety, Victorians found symbolism to be an effective way to communicate the more ardent of their feelings even as those feelings had to remain unspoken. Symbolic of eternal loving strength, buckle rings were exchanged as a token of commitment between two souls certain they were as well-matched as a belt is with its own buckle. Buckle rings also served as mourning jewelry—a silent yet resolute declaration that the love shared between the giver and receiver could not be bound by such trivialities as life and death

With a design history as enchanting as its appearance, the Vintage Diamond Buckle Band is similar to ones worn in Victorian times. A charming ring, the shimmer of the 14K gold band is enhanced by a collection of twinkling diamonds. Given to another or worn to honor yourself, this ring serves as a reminder that the most precious gift we can offer during our time on earth is love.