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Era - Vintage

Materials - 14K Gold, Emerald, Diamonds

Size - 9.25

To everything there is a season. Inscribed in ancient Hebrew scriptures and featured in a popular song of the 1960s, these words remind us that all of existence is a string of happenings woven together into a tapestry of being. And the heart that chooses to keep company with ours throughout the seasons of being human is a treasure beyond jewels. But if ever there were two gems that came awfully close to capturing the magnificence of such an enduring love, the ones which center the stunning Vintage Diamond & Emerald Toi Et Moi Ring are them.


Symbolic of the abundant affection which marks the early days of infatuation and renews again and again throughout each passing year, the emerald of this darling vintage ring has long been said to honor verdant, vibrant love. As a brilliant companion to the emerald—in beauty as well as significance—the diamond represents the strength and resilience which roots devotion deep within the soul of forever. A gorgeous vintage celebration of the love you can count on no matter what, this thrilling toi et moi ring is a timeless tribute to hearts tethered together for life.