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Era - Vintage

Materials - 14k Gold, Diamond

Length - 1.25"

Scepters of feminine beauty—that is what the ancient Greeks called fans. Though some might see them as seemingly antiquated ornaments in most modern situations, we know they have enchanted and communicated throughout history. Utilized throughout time and civilizations for so much more than simply exciting a breeze, fans have been used to signify royalty, deflect negative energy, and even send amorous messages across rooms with a flick of the wrist.

Fashioned from 14K gold and diamonds, the dazzling Vintage Diamond Fan Necklace might not be a fan in the traditional sense of the word, but its singular allure pays homage to its more utilitarian namesakes. Tantalizing in all its design elements, this spectacular necklace features gemstones known for their strength and resilience as well as their ability to lend a bit of their own clarity to all who wear them, and if that doesn’t deflect negative energy, we don’t know what will. Shimmering and sparkling, the diamonds of this charming vintage necklace wink flirtatiously wherever they go, enlivening any occasion and ensemble.