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Era - Vintage

Materials - 14k Gold, Emerald (1.20ct) & Diamonds (.40ct) 

Size - 6.5

Emerald has a small chip on one side, shown in second picture.

There is something quite magical about the number three. Past, present, future. Beginning, middle, end. Body, soul, spirit. In fact, we’ve heard it said that some of the best things come in threes, and when we look at the Vintage Emerald and Diamond Three Stone Ring, we have no trouble believing it. 


Fashioned from 14K gold, this marvelous vintage ring features an enchanting 1.20 carat emerald nestled in the embrace of two dazzling diamonds. More than simply a stunning trio, though, the gemstones at the heart of this captivating ring weave together a symbolic narrative that amplifies the physical beauty of these gems. 


Known as a stone of springtime, emeralds have long been used to honor the hope of new beginnings. As a gemstone of the heart chakra, the emerald that centers this ring is believed to both symbolize and empower empathy, understanding, and compassion, while the twin diamonds lend their own strength, clarity, and tenacity to the wearer.


A simply spectacular adornment for celebrating love in all its facets, this brilliant vintage ring is a perfect choice for honoring an engagement or anniversary or rejoicing in the unconditional love you have for yourself.