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Era - Vintage

Materials - 18k Gold, Emeralds (.66cts) and Diamonds (.74cts)

Size - 6.25

If ever there were a ring to spectacularly celebrate the dynamic sweep of existence, this dazzling Vintage Emerald and Diamond Waves Ring is it. Fashioned from 18K gold, .66cts of emeralds, and .75cts of diamonds, this ring is a tribute to the full spectrum of being human. 

Symbolic of the tender shoots which sprout from the ground each spring, emerald is the gemstone of germination and growth. To wear emeralds, it is said, is to honor all that is yet to be discovered within you. Harmonizing perfectly with every single exquisite emerald, the radiant diamonds salute the resilience which allows the flame of brilliance within to survive the trials and tribulations which might otherwise extinguish your inner light.

A shimmering proclamation of your own splendor—and a mighty marvelous vintage beauty itself—this emerald and diamond ring flashes fascination wherever it is worn. Gifted to another or worn to celebrate your own journey, this ring has it all in style and symbolism.