$550.00 USD


Era - Vintage 

Materials - 10k Gold

Length - 20"

The key to conquering fear is to take away its power—at least according to myriad wisdom traditions throughout history. And for those who fear the evil eye, it is said that the best protection against its mischief is to wear an evil eye ornament. Fashioned from 10K gold, the Vintage Evil Eye Chain certainly strikes us as a good omen and gorgeous adornment.

Believed to be ill luck cast on someone through jealousy or anger, the evil eye exists in the lore and literature of cultures on every continent except Antarctica. Evil eye emblems, too, exist wherever stories of its power are told. But in the crafting or wearing of an evil eye symbol, the power of this magic is often said to be revitalized into a protective force instead.

Whether you are searching for a safeguard from harm or simply wish to add a bewitching necklace to your ensemble, this vintage chain makes a charming addition to any collection of treasures and talismans.