$975.00 USD


Era - Vintage With French Hallmarks

Materials - 18K Gold & Coral 

Size - 6.5

The beach at sunset—that’s where we’re transported whenever we catch a glimpse of this delicious Vintage French Coral Ring. And that’s only fitting considering a principal source of coral since ancient times has been the Mediterranean Sea. In fact, Greek lore asserts that the origin of all coral is the waters off the island of the Gorgons where the blood of Medusa’s head seeped onto the seaweed after Perseus defeated her. Though not exactly a romantic story, this tale roots coral as a symbol of rebirth for the fact that ordinary seaweed became extraordinarily unique by an infusion of lifeblood. 

Beyond symbolizing a personal renaissance, coral is also said to have protective properties grounded in the tale of Perseus as well. After slaying Medusa, Perseus brought her head to Athena—Protectress of cities and patron Goddess of heroic endeavor. Forever entwined to Medusa’s fate through blood ties, coral was infused with the ability to protect wearers from the moment Athena used the Gorgon’s head as a shield against her enemies.

A gemstone said to increase wisdom and happiness as well as empower creative vision and soothe anxieties, coral continues to enchant all fortunate enough to adorn themselves with it. Some say its powers are only available to those who wear it so that its mesmerizing color is distinctly noticeable by all, but don’t let that worry you. If there’s one thing we know for sure about this gorgeous vintage ring, it’s that its beauty is conspicuously captivating wherever it goes.