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Era - Vintage 

Materials - 14k Gold & Opal 

Size - 7

Width - 28 x 16mm

Difficult to handle. Fragile to the touch. Prone to instability. Extremely sensitive. Opals, like many of us, have been misrepresented throughout history by people who do not understand them. But it wasn’t always that way. 

Once prized by Romans as second only to emeralds, opals were believed to be a combination of all other precious stones. In Mohammed’s time and country, opals were thought to be magnificent gems brought to earth on bolts of lightning. And golden-haired women in Northern Europe once chose to wear opal pins in their hair to add luminescence to their locks and protect them from the elements of the Nordic clime. But then came Sir Walter Scott and a book few bothered to read all the way through and rumors about opals spread in earnest until Queen Victoria laughed in the face of superstition. Flouting tradition in yet another way, the queen brought opals back into the adornments of high society.

The polychromatic gemstone at the heart of The Vintage Garden Opal Ring may once have been misunderstood, but now its enchanting shimmer attracts only admiration as it sits nestled in 14K gold. Thought to be the jewel of inspiration, the opal knows a thing or two about subverting expectations. This handsome ring serves as a reminder that even the most brilliant of us might be underestimated, but we don’t have to let the cynicism of others dull our shine.