$450.00 USD


Era - Vintage 

Materials - 14k Gold & Teeny Diamond

Size - 30mm x 16mm, 16' Adjustable Chain

What's in a name? A name is a simple string of letters meant to convey an entire being with something as ordinary as a word. It defines, and is to be defined by those that bear it. It was likely used many times before and will be used, spoken, sung, and whispered again and again and again. 

Anne is a name of no small feat. She’s a version of many, Anne, Annie, Ann, Hannah, etc and she means “grace”. For many years, laws in England forbade commoners from adding the “e” at the end, as that precious addition was reserved for royals and nobility.


Our Anne Necklace is a vintage dream, crafted in bright 14-karat gold with a tiny spark of a diamond. The pendant measures in at 30 x 16 mm and the chain is adjustable up to 16 inches.


Anne, a palindrome, a Boleyn, a Bronte, a Frank, a Queen, a Princess, a Hathaway, a one to two syllable wonder that has belonged to thousands and is yet all her own.


What’s in a name? Everything.