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Era - Vintage 

Materials - 14k Gold 

Length - 16"

Weight - 32g

Look at me.

I am resolute. I am extraordinary. I dare to declare.

The Vintage Gold Collar Necklace may not be able to speak, but still it makes its statements loud and clear: I will take up space. I insist you notice me.

Crafted with an eye to the uncommon, this 14K gold necklace is a brazen celebration of those who are done believing all the nonsense that would have them think it is better to blend in than stand out. It is adornment for the adventurous, for the decisive, for those who have been called pushy or told to quiet down. This is audacious adornment. This is a tribute to the bold—a tribute to you. We see you having the courage to be wholly yourself in a world that does its damndest to get you to think you should be anyone else. And we think this vintage necklace is perfect for you because you are perfect for it.