$2,200.00 USD


Era - Vintage c1990's

Materials - 18K Yellow Gold & Approximately .13ct Diamond

Size - 6.25

Though now so ubiquitous it is difficult to imagine another shape in its place, the heart we have come to know as symbolic of love has only been used since the 14th century. And like love itself, it has been altered, adapted, and appreciated by the individuals who choose to engage with it. 

Fashioned from 18K yellow gold nearly 600 years after the traditional heart shape made its first artistic appearance, the charming Vintage Heart Shaped Diamond Ring is a celebration of the dynamic nature of affection. An enchanting tribute to the priceless treasure that is love, this vintage ring features a twinking center diamond held in the embrace of a most precious metal. Symbolic of radiance as well as resilience, both the gold and the diamond within it embody the brilliance of a heart enraptured by the wonder of the one who wears this ring. Whether given as a gift to one’s self or another, this darling ring delights with a reminder that love is what makes the best of our worlds go round.