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Era - Vintage

Materials - 14K Gold

Length - 8"

Weight - 51 grams

With a history in goldsmithing that reaches all the way back through time past to the Etruscan civilization of 800 BCE, the artistry of Italian goldwork inspires us to believe that practice makes perfect, at least when it comes to jewelry. A magnificent manifestation of gold in all its glory, the Vintage Italian Gold Chain Bracelet leaves us absolutely besotted by its existence.

Masterfully crafted from 14K gold, this vintage showpiece will have its say wherever it is worn. Dressing up the most comfortably casual clothes or glamming up gala gorgeous, this vintage gold bracelet is an Italian dream come true. The culmination of more than two millennia of trial and triumph in the world of goldcrafting, this sumptuous bracelet may not be all that ancient in years, but its brilliance is practically timeless. A work of art encircling the wrist, this bracelet is tribute and treasure in one stunning bangle.