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Era - Vintage 

Materials - 14k Gold, Jade and Diamonds 

Size - 6.25

Width - 8mm x 16mm

While every gemstone comes with its lore, perhaps there is no precious stone which has earned a better reputation for protecting the wearer than jade. Known throughout the civilizations of the world as the gem you can count on to keep you safe, jade holds a place of honor in many cultures including the Maori of New Zealand.


Among the Maori, jade was more than a magnificent gem. Protector of generations and guardian of tribes, this gem was used to fashion amulets exclusive to specific families. When a family needed a new amulet, they engaged the services of a sorcerer to discover a source of the gem in its unprocessed form. Guided by spirits, the sorcerer would lead the family to the jade. Once the jade had been retrieved, a stoneworker would then go to careful work revealing the shape of the spirit inside the gemstone. Upon revelation, the spirit inside the jade served to help and guide families. Passed through the bloodline throughout generations, these talismans bonded the living to the dead and provided the protection, wisdom, and guidance of the ancestors.


With a rich history of spiritual significance, the jade at the heart of this Vintage Jade and Diamond Ring glows with a thousand tales of its power. Set in 14K gold and embraced by glimmering diamonds, this gorgeous gemstone is ready to become a part of your own tribe and tale.