$745.00 USD


Era - Vintage c1980's

Materials - 18k Gold & Hand Carved Moonstone

Length - 3/4in

Magical. Iridescent. Captivating. Among our favorite adjectives for describing the moon itself, these words also perfectly encapsulate the charming Vintage Man In The Moon Studs. Whimsically fashioned from 18K gold and hand-carved moonstone, these delightful stud earrings feature a gemstone once believed to originate from within the glow of actual moonbeams. 


Known as a gem of wishes made and granted as well as a stone of intuition and insight, moonstones have enchanted humans with their radiance since their discovery. Said to grant favor and protection to travelers—especially those journeying by night or on the water—moonstones are ideal adornment for those who enthusiastically embrace the adventures of every day living. And when the cheerful face of the man in the moon himself has been carved by hand into these dynamic gemstones? Well, that’s simply perfection. 


As deliciously peculiar as the one who wears them, these marvelous vintage earrings will brighten up any day or night. Just like the moon, they simply cannot help but be brilliant.