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Era - Vintage

Materials - Platinum, Star Sapphire, Diamonds

Size - 7.25

Weight - 12.8 g

Rhythms, cycles, revolutions—the moon marks time in its own inimitable way. Always whole even when its not shining, it moves us to wonder with each glimpse of its glory. Touched by the transcendence of this celestial orb, slipping on the Vintage Moon Sapphire feels a bit like bringing the marvels of the heavens down to earth.

Crafted from diamonds and a stunning star sapphire set in platinum, this vintage ring honors the evolution of all souls. Said to reflect the brilliance which already lies within us, star sapphires are credited with connecting wearers to the Divine out in the world and at the heart of who they are. A reminder to us that we are always enough even during the darkest of days and nights, the gem at the heart of this vintage ring is also said to be symbolic of the faith, hope, and serendipity that sustain and delight on the journey of being human

A tribute and treasure to the radiance of the moon as embodied in the wearer, this vintage star sapphire ring honors all that is magnificent about being uniquely you.