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Era - Vintage 

Materials - 14k Gold, Moonstones & Diamonds (1.50cts) 

Length -  7.25in

Weight - 21g

Balance. Gentleness. Empathy. As a gem which takes its name from its luminous resemblance to the lunar orb, moonstone is believed to invite harmony between the masculine and feminine energies for the wearer. For though the moon itself is neither female nor male, goddesses and gods alike have been worshipped as its personification. 

While many of the moon deities with which we are familiar are represented by female goddesses, in ancient Egypt, lunar divinity personified took the form of the god Khonsu—The Traveler. Wandering across the night sky in rhythm with the moon’s phases, Khonsu was the deity invoked to increase virility in men and assist with conception in women. He protected travelers—especially the ones who dared to journey by night—and came to the aid of those in need of healing. And just like the other lunar divinities—male, female, or an amalgamation of all—he beamed nighttime comfort to the mortals who chanced to look up at the darkened sky. 

With its glimmering cabochons of moonstone, the Vintage Moonstone Bracelet offers you a chance to wear a soothing piece of celestial beauty around your wrist throughout all hours of the day. Expertly fashioned from 14K gold and featuring 1.5 carats of diamond accents, this fabulous bracelet invites you further into your own brilliance—mortal and divine.