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Era - Vintage

Materials - 14k Gold, Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl and Diamonds 

Size - 9.75

It takes exceptional vision to see within the shadows and courage to explore the darkness. Yet within the spaces where the light grows dim or seems not to exist at all, treasures wait to be discovered. As a nocturnal hunter, the owl lives this truth even as we humans slumber. Symbolic of wisdom throughout history and various cultures, the owl is also revered for its skill in identifying what it seeks even at a great distance and pursuing it without delay. Whether soaring above a darkened world or resting in near-silent majesty among a canopy of trees, owls delight and inspire with their mystery and magic. 

Masterfully crafted from 14K gold, cat’s eye chrysoberyl, and diamonds, the handsome Vintage Owl Ring honors both the masculine and feminine energies epitomized within the owl. Featuring eyes formed from gemstones known for inspiring clarity of vision and keenness of perception, this ring is more than striking adornment in the form of a most magnificent bird. This marvelous vintage ring is the perfect choice for celebrating your own wisdom and courage, and it serves as a gorgeous reminder of the adventures that await each of us in the shadowed spaces.