$1,600.00 USD


Era - Vintage

Materials - 14K White Gold, Star Sapphire, Diamonds

Size - 8

Weight - 7.6 g

We cherish every piece of jewelry which reflects a determination to dare and dream with all we have, and thus it is easy to see why we adore this handsome Vintage Star Sapphire Ring. Clarity, tranquility, and wisdom embodied—if legends are believed—the star sapphire honors the elements most essential to an existence of intentional ambition.

Often referred to as the gem of heaven, the star sapphire has long been credited with strengthening the faith and fortitude of wearers for the tasks ahead. A stone of protection and jewel of discernment, the star sapphire is also said to inspire insight, enhance intuition, and embolden the spirit. Like the celestial bodies from which these gems borrow their name, star sapphires are also believed to provide dashes of hope during dark nights of the soul.

Featuring 14K white gold, diamonds, and that splendid star sapphire at its center, this stately vintage ring honors the divine dedication of those who go after all it is they desire.