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 Era - Vintage - Circa 1960s - Signed Tiffany & Co.

Materials - 18K Gold, No Heat Cambodian Sapphire (approx. 2.50ct)

Size - 6

There’s almost no telling what can happen in a mere 10 years. As day dawned on 1 January 1960 in the USA, few likely imagined that the next decade would include hard-won desegregation, space travel, The Feminine Mystique, Beatlemania, and women being admitted to attend Ivy League universities among hundreds of other happenings both grim and glorious. And into this intriguing era, Tiffany & Co brought this phenomenal Vintage Tiffany & Co Sapphire Sugarloaf Ring.

A masterpiece of luxurious artistry, this stunning 1960s ring features a sensational no heat Cambodian sugarloaf sapphire held in the exquisite embrace of gleaming 18K gold. Taking its name from the shape in which refined sugar was once produced, transported, and sold, this sugarloaf sapphire dives deep into the blues thanks to the saturation of light made possible by its soft pyramid structure and high dome.

Gemstone of the throat chakra, sapphires are said to help those who wear them speak the truths nearest and dearest to their heart. Among the most sacred of stones in some religions, sapphires are also said to encourage and enhance connection to the Divine. Gem of hope, clarity, courage, and justice, it seems only appropriate the brilliant sapphire at the heart of this ring was nestled there during one of the most tumultuous and triumphant decades of American history. A timeless piece from a fascinating era, this ring is a delightful piece of history bringing wow to your present.