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Era - 2000s

Materials - Platinum, Diamond (.36tct) Emerald Cut Watermelon Tourmaline (3.59ct)

Size - 6.5

Evolution. Revolution. Growth and transformation. To exist is to be in perpetual flux. And to love yourself well through each transformation is an act of courage. 

With its reputation for dispelling internal illusions, empowering insight, and encouraging serenity, tourmaline is the gemstone of sensitive souls. Worn or carried by artists, authors, actors, and creators throughout history, this gemstone has long been treasured as a talisman of the Muses. As a pyroelectric mineral, tourmaline is said to amplify positive psychic energy while helping the wearer dispel negative energy. A grounding gem which also inspires expansion, it is a perfect stone to accompany those on the journey of becoming wholly themselves.

Featuring a stunning emerald cut tourmaline at its heart, the Watermelon Tourmaline and Diamond Ring is a brilliant celebration of all you are and all you can become. With a chorus of dazzling diamonds lending their strength and resilience to the vibrant tourmaline centering this magnificent platinum piece, this ring is a joy to behold and a thrill to wear. Worn simply for its singular beauty or as a way to honor your own tender and tenacious being, this radiant ring is ready to share its magic with you.