$8,300.00 USD


Era - Vintage 

Materials - 14K White Gold & Diamonds (5.0tcw)

Length - 16"

In his Naturalis Historia—completed in 77 CE—Pliny the Elder claimed diamonds were the most precious of all substances in the known world. Once possessed only by the most fortunate of ancient rulers, these gemstones bewitched the Roman author and philosopher, and upon them he could hardly heap enough praise. 

Since faceting techniques had not yet been imagined in the years of Pliny, the diamonds which so stunned him were gems in their raw form. We can only imagine his delight then if he caught a glimpse of the White Gold and Diamond Tennis Necklace. We think it’s safe to say he’d be utterly besotted with its pristine polished beauty. We certainly are.

Masterfully designed for maximum brilliance, this vintage showpiece features five total carats of dazzling diamonds set in 14K white gold. Jewels of lightning, power, and fortitude, diamonds were once believed to embody celestial spirits, making this necklace simply divine. Radiant gems of affection and devotion, diamonds also have a reputation for granting protection, illumination, and insight to those who wear them.

Classically captivating, this vintage necklace flashes and flickers delight wherever it is worn. Perfect for any day, every outfit, and all occasions, it does all the justice to every good thing Pliny ever said about diamonds.