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Era - Antique Deco

Materials - 18k Gold 

Size - 7

Width - 2.38mm

*pictured bottom 

Transformation often follows turmoil—and such was the case for the United States in the wake of World War I. Innovations in everything from fashion to culture to commerce to science both challenged and invigorated society. It was in this environment of eclipsing the confines of the past that Art Deco was born. Elevating jewelry to new heights was one of the missions of this artistic movement, and even something as ordinary as the traditional wedding band could not be left untouched. Plain bands were declared passé as embossed and engraved rings became all the rage, and white gold surpassed yellow when it came to the most precious metal of sophisticated style.


Fashioned during this time period, the White Gold Deco Wedding Band would have met all the requirements for a superbly fashionable band, and it has lost not a whisper of its charm in the intervening years. An excellent ring for wearing by itself or stacking with other superb pieces, this lovely band has traveled from the past to be part of your present.