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Era - Victorian

Materials - 14k Gold & Dendritic Moss Agate 

Size - 7

Welcome to a strange world, a fairyland nestled within a gemstone. While some would ask you to believe that the fascinating formations in this moss agate are simply the result of trace metals, those of us with magic in our souls know enchantment when we see it. Lilac, saffron, and coral fauna flourish inside the universe captured within this ring. Turn it this way and that in the twilight and fair folk might wink out at you from this mystical land. 


Truth be told, even if it is just a bit of chrome or iron which formed these extraordinary colors and designs, the Wilds Ring is no less bewitching. Believed to be a stone of abundance holding particular luck for those who toil to bring forth life from the earth, moss agate is regarded as a gem of stability and harmony. Set in 14K gold, this exquisite specimen is an instant conversation-starter. Just by slipping it on your finger, you’ll add a dash of wonder to even the most ordinary of days.