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Era - Vintage

Materials - 14K Gold

Treasure and tribute. Talisman and tender. For nearly all of human history, gold has thrilled, tempted, mesmerized, and exhilarated. And it continues to work its marvelous magic in these fabulous vintage Wrecking Ball Earrings. Fashioned from 14K gold, these dangly delights may have been crafted in the modern world, but the roots of their existence radiate throughout global human history.

With gold deposits discovered on every continent except Antarctica, appreciation for this gleaming precious metal knows almost no earthly bounds. And as an element intimately connected to tales of the Divine in almost every known culture, gold often carries immense spiritual significance as well. Radiant and pure, precious and indestructible, gold often symbolizes all that is admirable within our own selves and surrounding us in this astounding world.

Vibrant and versatile, these vintage earrings dress up even the most humdrum of days with their brilliance. Whether going totally casual or glamming it all the way up, you cannot go wrong with slipping these beauties in as bewitching companions to your own remarkable shine.