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Era - Antique 

Materials - 14k Gold, Silver, Amethyst (est.8ct) & Diamonds (est. 1.20cts)

Size - 7

Width - 8mm

For a gemstone believed to inspire a level head, the stunning amethyst at the heart of the antique Amethyst and Diamond Purple Haze Ring certainly excites our wild imagination as we conjure up the thrill on the face of the one first presented with its stunning goodness. At just under one carat, the brilliant beauty of this vibrant violet gemstone is perfectly complemented by a radiance of diamonds so incandescent it can only be rivaled by the smile of the one fortunate enough to wear it. 

Once worn by Egyptian soldiers into battle to alleviate fear and arouse courage, amethysts have long been associated with wisdom and tenacity. Known as a stone of spiritual connection, they are also said to empower the wearer to explore creativity and passion with more audacity than ever before. They have adorned the crowns, rings, amulets, and clothes of royalty, rulers, and clerics throughout time and civilizations, and it’s no wonder why: Amethysts are simply heavenly. 

Fashioned from 14K gold, silver, amethyst, and diamonds, this phenomenal antique ring is ready to inspire, empower, delight, and dazzle yet again. We are certain it’s been waiting for just the right wearer to slip it on their finger, and we are equally certain that the one it’s been waiting for is you.