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Era - Converted from a Georgian Stickpin

Materials - High Karat Gold, Silver, Black Enamel & Diamonds

* Does not include chain

For almost as long as humans have lived, humans have also died. And for as long as humans have died, those who remain have found ways to memorialize the ones they miss the most. In Georgian times, these memorials often took the form of mourning jewelry. Rings, necklaces, brooches, cuff links, and bracelets were crafted with an eye to remembering loved ones lost. These adornments served as ornaments of grief as well as solace and consolation.

The Georgian Urn Necklace—composed of silver, black enamel, and diamonds—was converted into a necklace from a Georgian stickpin. While we do not know the name of the one for whom the urn was crafted, the fact that it exists speaks to the presence of love in a life. Whether this unique necklace is worn for its compelling appearance or to serve as one’s personal memento mori, it endures as a testament to life and a reminder to savor the ephemeral in the moments we are granted.