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Era - French Victorian

Materials - 18k Gold, Ruby and Baby Tooth 

Size - 7.5

Victorians are generally represented as quite a repressed bunch of people, but anyone who digs into the history of the time even a little bit quickly learns they were quite a sentimental lot. Sure, they did not often speak their more sensitive feelings out loud, but they imbued everything from flowers to architecture to jewelry with rich symbolism. The color and variety of a bloom, the border of a window, the design of a ring—all were fair game for silent revelations of individual feeling. Even teeth and hair were utilized in jewelry as a way to honor feelings too ardent for mere words. 

With Queen Victorian and Prince Albert leading the way, milk tooth jewelry became a way to celebrate a child surviving infancy. An infant mortality rate of more than 30% in some parts of the United Kingdom meant no one could take for granted that their children would make it to the age of permanent teeth. Serving a purpose both nostalgic and exultant, the Victorian Milk Tooth Ring is a deliciously unexpected adornment. Set into 18K gold, this ring features a baby tooth and a ruby. Known as the gemstone pulsing with life, the ruby is a perfect accompaniment to eponymous centerpiece of this ring. Unique and delightfully strange, this ring is a perfect choice for those who enjoy their jewelry with a dash of odd history.