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At its essence, a diamond is a simple crystal of carbon. And honestly, it’s a bit blasé – glass-like and unremarkable in appearance. Enter: The Middle Ages. Diamond cutting begins and suddenly Kings and Queens across the earth crave their slice of sparkling ice. 

By the time this elegant Winged Ring was crafted, diamonds had come a long way from the basic polished stones of the Middle Ages to the sparkling rose and old European cuts of the early 20th century. And my oh my, we couldn’t be more thankful. It’s impossible to resist the charm of something so quintessentially Art Nouveau (1890-1915). 

This twirling diamond ring is undeniably elegant, gracefully twisting and turning to wrap your finger in old-cut stones set in platinum over cozy 14-karat gold. 

The opposite of blasé? You - wearing this antique bling and letting your inner Medieval Eminence shine like, well, diamonds.

Era - Art Nouveau

Materials - 14k, Platinum & Diamonds

Size - 6