The Top 5 Men’s Antique Rings You Need to Elevate Your Look

The Top 5 Men’s Antique Rings You Need to Elevate Your Look

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A good piece of jewelry (or clothes or watch or shoes) can pull a look together and feel like a second skin. Here at The Moonstoned, we believe there’s nothing sexier than a man who isn’t afraid to adorn himself. Jewelry can bring out an attitude, an inner confidence, even a subtle part of your personality that needs a little affirmation to emerge. If you’re not sure where to start, these five pieces are a great place to begin building your collection and exploring what feels right for you.

1. The Signet Ring

Signet Rings are some of the oldest types of adornment known to man. Ancient civilizations used them to delineate a person’s status or class. Before literacy was common, they were used in lieu of signatures to verify or “sign” documents. They would often bear the family crest with some mark distinct to the owner. Heavy, detailed and expensive to make, they were difficult to copy and routinely destroyed when their owner died to prevent his signature from being used after death. More recently, valuable signet rings have played a role at the head of the family, passed down through generations to the next in line.


2. The Textured Band

From far away, all that’s noticeable is a flash of metal, the fact of a ring. But up close, what was assumed as simple and plain is anything but. Thick bands give craftsmen more space to play and imbue meaning into the metals. The Gold Nugget Band could have been created for a miner, a naturalist, or someone who appreciated a little more depth and texture. Buckle rings became fashionable during Victorian times as a symbol of love and commitment. All of these details take a simple band from any old ring to your ring.

3. The Bling Ring

Hey men, it’s okay for you to shine too! Diamonds are not feminine or masculine, and neither is wearing one. In fact, many antiques were designed for men and by men: we have a real patriarchal history y’all. The Vintage Old Mine Cut Platinum Ring is a perfect example of a masculine diamond design. This Double Headed Eagle Masonic Ring was definitely made for a member of the elusive, all-male Freemason’s. And if you’re ever on the fence about whether a ring is “too much,” compare it to the sapphire stunner Beyonce gave Jay Z and, rest assured, it’s not.

4. The Unique Stone Ring

If muted adornment is more your jam, men’s jewelry excels at taking precious stones and turning them into wearable art. While onyx is an obvious and sexy, sleek go-to, other stones like bloodstone, lapis and tiger’s eye have been used as armor – both literally and energetically – for thousands of years. These are a great option for the man who wants more than a band but a little less flash than a gem.


5. The Cameo

The Cameo is the sexiest way to start a conversation. The Carved Lava Roman Cameo Ring is a perfect example of this. This ring was most likely created from the lava of Mount Vesuvius around the time the buried cities of Pompeii were discovered. Young men on their Grand Tours of Europe (think of this as an 18th century version of a Gap Year) would buy portraits of mythological gods and creatures - or beautiful women - as a souvenir. When worn upon their return home, the cameos were wearable evidence of a well-traveled and cultured person. Fascinating, right? They ALL have backstories equally as riveting and faces that make you want to ask.

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