At The Moonstoned, jewelry becomes a narrative, an ode to memories and emotions. Our curated Antique & Vintage Jewelry collection, as well as collections designed by Elizabeth, reflect your unique character, empowering you to radiate with every thoughtful and personally crafted piece.

In a world where disposable trends and showy diamond displays often steal the spotlight, The Moonstoned stands as a beacon of authenticity and conscious elegance. We proudly champion the values of ethical sourcing and timeless beauty, steering clear of fast-fashion jewelry and the empty pursuit of diamond carats. Instead, we delve into the heart of each piece, falling in love not only with its exquisite aesthetics but with the tales it carries, and the history it embodies.


Whether you're seeking the perfect Engagement Ring, a thoughtful gift for a loved one, or an ode to your own remarkable journey, our collection holds stories waiting to be uncovered. We believe that true beauty goes beyond appearance; it lies within the emotions and connections sparked by each piece.

The Moonstoned isn't just a brand; it's a movement, a tribute to empowerment and unfiltered self-expression. With every choice you make, you show up to celebrate just who you are, and we stand beside you, offering a curated selection that empowers you to do just that.

Each piece is an invitation to explore and to celebrate the treasures that embody the spirit of The Moonstoned


Elizabeth Potts' journey began amidst the vibrant culture and rich history of the American Southwest in New Mexico. Her upbringing immersed her in the enchanting tapestry of the region, where she found herself collecting fragmentsof pottery and silver quartz from Native American Ruins on her Grandparents' Ranch.As these treasures dangled from makeshift necklaces, they became vessels of stories and narratives .

After completing high school, Elizabeth's path led her to delve deeper into her passions. Studying History and Silversmithing at NMSU, she uncovered the art of crafting jewelry by hand, a revelation that resonated profoundly with her. Her weekends turned into treasure hunts at desert flea markets, fostering her collection of antique and vintage rings, each a testament to her love for history and unique craftsmanship. The journey took her to the bustling streets of New York City, where she continued to refine her skills as a Goldsmith and Bench Jeweler, diving deeper into the captivating histories woven within each piece of jewelry.

Elizabeth's musings, often sparked by stones, serve as a conduit for deeper introspection and expression. These stones inspire a cascade of thoughts and reflections, prompting her to share her insights and revelations.

Central to THE MOONSTONED's ethos is the creation of a space that is centered beyond diamonds and gold, a space that breathes history, thoughtfulness, and wonder. Elizabeth's background as a journalist infuses her curation with a sense of uniqueness and curiosity, crafting a collection that resonates with those who seek both beauty and meaning in their adornments.For Elizabeth, each piece is an invitation to explore, to bask in the stories woven by time, and to celebrate the treasures that embody the spirit of Moonstoned.