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Materials 18k Brushed Gold & Vintage Reclaimed Diamonds (est. 0.25cts)

Size - 3

Weight - 3 Grams

Measurements - 12 x 9mm

Condition - Made to order. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.


Repurposed diamonds are hand selected and set deep within a bed of 18k gold. The candle is a deeply meaningful totem and has been for centuries. It can represent light in the darkness, hope, sexuality, spirituality, ritual. No two are exactly alike  


From Elizabeth Potts:

"I’ve really been fascinated with the idea of taking old, mismatched diamonds and creating something new. Throwing together odd bits and ends and seeing what they do together, what shapes and feelings they start to evolve into almost like they have been together always. Like this baguette and pear, which seemed to me like they wanted to sparkle as a candle, reminding the wearer that they are always carrying their light. In my family we always light a candle when one of us is traveling or in trouble. In my women’s circles we have lit candles when one of us goes into labor or needs an extra push of love and energy her way. In both situations this act unites us all for one cause, no matter the distance or time." 


We hope this ring reminds you of your own light, to lead and inspire you every time you wear it.