The Treasures of Motherhood with The Moonstoned

The Treasures of Motherhood with The Moonstoned

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Before I became a Mother, I heard phrases like “It’s the hardest job you’ll ever Love”; you know the kind. And after I held my own daughter in my arms these simple phrases began to ring true. There is no amount of words strung together, no emotions powerful enough to convey the overwhelming complexities of what Motherhood entails. The heart exploding joy, the rock pit of fear, the chaos and healing in moments of stillness. 

From the Body Collection, I chose carved hearts to tell my own story of Motherhood. Each gemstone carries within it a history of symbolism, resonating deeply with the different aspects of being called Mama.  



Let's start with this powerhouse of a stone. Malachite isn't just beautiful; it's also a symbol of protection and healing. Historically it has been believed to ease bruising, its unique banded patterns drawing pain away from the body making it perfect for Mothers who are always there to kiss away the aches and hurts. It’s association with unconditional love makes it an ideal choice for this charm.



Lapis Lazuli

When I picture the deep, mesmerizing cobalt blue of lapis lazuli, I feel a sense of grounding power and I am not the only one affected this way. This gemstone isn't just visually stunning; it embodies qualities of truth and strength. As Mothers, we all want our children to face life's challenges with honesty and resilience which starts with us finding our own. 




Garnet holds a special place in my heart when it comes to Motherhood. Its rich, blood-red hue symbolizes not just love, but also healing. The color is indicative of vitality, of an animal ferocity that comes with protecting our young ones.



Black Onyx

Black Onyx is a protective stone steeped in ancient magic and ceremony. It's all about finding balance, especially between life and death. As mothers, we understand the cycles of life better than most, and black onyx can serve as a reminder of that deep wisdom.



Pink Opal

Pink Opal is the soft, gentle, and oh-so-nurturing gemstone like a warm hug for the heart. It's perfect for those moments when you need a little extra love and positivity. There are many times when the only medicine for fear, for hurt is a Mothers tender love. It reminds us that our heart, our bodies are the first places our children know of safety.



From the protective embrace of malachite to the empowering aura of lapis lazuli, from the healing depths of garnet to the mystique of black onyx, and the nurturing warmth of pink opal, each gemstone we explore is a reflection of the unparalleled love and strength that define your beautiful path of motherhood. Together, let us continue to craft treasures that not only adorn but also honor the extraordinary journey of motherhood. 




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