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Era - Antique, French c. 1840s

Materials - 18k Yellow Gold and One (1) Carved Lava Rock

Weight - 5.34g

Measurements - 26mm x 22mm

Size - 8 

Note - "Beneath the surface, there was a shifting—molten and aglow. A roiling cascade ascended from the depths and erupted through fractures in the earth. Existence changed in a fiery instant. In what remained, there was potential for creation of a different sort. Artistry in the ashes. A livelihood in the lava. 

Though devastated by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, the city of Pompeii filled once again with the bustle of people after excavation of the ruins began in the late 18th century. Wealthy travelers on journeys throughout Europe often visited Pompeii and brought home cameos carved from lava by artisans who knew how to capitalize on the fascination of the time. Often featuring the images of historical philosophers and statesmen, every cameo served as a memento to show off to those back home.

The French Black Lava Carved Portrait Ring invites imagination and captures attention. Set in 18K gold, the black lava of this cameo once simmered below the surface of the earth. The journey from those moments to now has been replete with transformations—as it is with all beings. Perfect for days when you want to enliven your look with a handsome ring, this unique piece reminds us of the power which lies within our own depths."

 - From Elizabeth Kranz Potts