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Era - Contemporary 

Materials - Carved Camphor Crystal, Platinum & Reclaimed Diamonds (est 1.40cts)

Length -1.05 Inches

Weight - 4.97 DWT

While many mortals sleep, Grandmother Moon observes the world. Bearing benevolent witness to nature’s nighttime happenings, she keeps company with sleepless infants and those who attend their needs. She hears the whispers of the heartsick and winks on the midnight kisses of lovers. And embodied within the lustrous Grandmother Moon Pendant, she casts her magic over all in her company. A composition of luminous beauty, this gleaming platinum pendant features the face of Grandmother Moon beckoning from hand carved frosted quartz crystal and accompanied by a stellar crescent ensemble of twinkling old mine cut diamonds. 

Said to be one of the protective spirits ministering to mortals since their time on earth began, Grandmother Moon is ancient wisdom made manifest. Inviting introspection, she bids all who gaze on her to reflect on universal truth and connection. Epitome of the Divine Feminine, it is by her the time for planting, harvesting, gathering, and reposing is marked throughout the year. And thus it is fitting that her image in this pendant is enhanced by diamonds. Gemstones of clarity and courage, diamonds are credited with empowering the prudence, vision, and resilience necessary to follow one’s own truest life path wherever it winds throughout the years. 

Beaming with a luster impossible to ignore, this radiant contemporary pendant enlivens any ensemble—shining day and night with singular brilliance.