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Era - Contemporary by The Moonstoned

Materials - Sterling Silver

Weight - 3.62g

Measurements - 8.25mm x 12mm on a 20” Chain

Note - "Someone said to me that you can’t know true mothering until you’ve conceived and felt life inside of you, held your child in your arms. 

Well, I think that’s bullshit. 

Don’t get me wrong, feeling life inside of you and the process of becoming Mother in its physical form is nothing short of true magic. But we are all born with The Mother inside of us. Men and women, we have the capacity to Nurture and Mother in ways as numerous as there are stars in the sky.

I’ve known people who dedicate their lives tirelessly to animals, environment and activism which Mothers for the greater good of us all. M & K, two men with a love and partnership so beautiful, Mother their two children better than most heterosexual couples I know. Friends of mine who spend their lives wanderlusting, roaming the Earth and choosing experience over procreation because they see how weighted down this World is already they are Mothers too, sharing love and kinship along their paths. 

The Mother Goddess is so, oh so much more than childbearing. She is Abundance, nursing the World from her full breasts and hips. She is Kindness, offering guidance and endless love when we are weary. She is Safety, lending her spirit, her body as a coming Home when we feel like there is none. She is Mother to the insects crawling at your feet, the river running through the rocks, the trees reaching high, to you and to me and to everyone in between. 

I recently became obsessed with The Mother after diving into my own process of preparing for physical Motherhood. The more I read of the spiritual as opposed to the physical, the more I could recognize Mother-Energy in those around me, regardless of their capacity or choice to conceive. Conception has nothing to do with it; it’s innate and without gender. 

I wanted to create something that felt like I feel about this journey into discovery. A classic Fertility Goddess talisman inspired by the most ancient symbols of the Mother Goddess that could be worn every day for protection, nourishment and a reminder of deep, endless love. For you. For your sacred Mother. For your spiritual Mother. For the Mothers around you. I hope you love her as much as I do. 

Every purchase of The Moonstoned Mother Necklace will donate 20% to Planned Parenthood. A safe place for those who need help and safety without shame when they feel they have no other place to go."

-Elizabeth Potts (Founder of The Moonstoned)


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