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Era - Contemporary, by The Moonstoned

Materials - 18k Gold & One (1) Diamond Baguette

(0.44ct J VS)

Weight - 1.76g

Measurements - 3.15mm x 38.70mm

The Needle might be the single most powerful feminine symbol to exist. When women were denied a pen, a needle was our way to leave a mark, to claim our place in history.

Although the Needle was used to keep ‘idle hands from the devil’ and to subservient the woman to man and home, it also provided a way for women to gather, to exchange ideas and information and to ultimately display coded messages to one another, out in the open. Through this method, the feminist movement gained legs and ironically, freed women from the domestic constraints of sewing or needlework.

Fast forward to the Industrial Revolution and fast fashion, where sewing machines were placed to gather dust and rust in defiance of archaic gender ideals. Women en masse were ready to leave such tedious work behind, and did.

But yet again, the Needle prevailed and has proven its worth as a tool, as a weapon and as an aid to create stories larger than life.

In the 1980’s, dark eyed Punks shaved their heads, ripped their clothes and plied the needle to sew patches and declare Anarchy against main stream music and media. In a turbulent NYC, Queer Black and Latin X folx liberated themselves in the underground Drag Ball scene, creating elaborate costumes; stitching together a story of love, pain and a rescue from hate. Judy Chicago creates The Birth Project with 150 needle workers around the world to showcase the power of women through the most archetypal of mediums, proving yet again that Women have always - and will continue to, weave the most prolific stories in History.

This 18k gold needle features the most beautiful, long lean baguette I have come across; representing the balance of fineness and strength in a way that only diamonds can.


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