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Materials - Leather and Velvet (limited availability)

Length - 5.5in

Width - 4in

Your greatest treasures should be treated as such, especially when traveling. Enter, The Travel Bag: made of classic, timeless leather and lined with some of the finest, softest velvets.

The Travel Bag is designed to be as much as an Heirloom as the Jewelry it carries; with the mission to keep your keepsakes safe and sound for this lifetime and into the next. 

Chic and minimal, these bags can be carried as a clutch, placed in your purse and used for more than just jewelry. Use for your beloved belongings while at the gym, on set and on the go. Made in limited runs with ever-changing colors subject to availability. *colors for reference only, some slight variations may apply*

All bags made with recycled leather: some variation in texture is to be expected. 

- DESERT SKY - Wide, endless spaces and blue skies, the kind that seem to crack your chest wide open. The Travel Bag in Desert Sky is reminiscent of Georgia O' Keefes study of animal bones bleached by the sun and the horizon that kept her coming back for more.

- DUSTY ROSE - Faded petals, silk petticoats and a bit of whiskey lit by the sun in a crystal glass. The Dusty Rose is feminine but with the strong romantic edge that makes us think of the Annie Oakleys of the Wild West.

- MOSS - Soft and wild underneath a forest canopy, the Travel Bag in Moss is our favorite color and our signature choice here at The Moonstoned. The luxuriously textured velvet makes us think of times spent lost in the trees, with not a care in the world.


Rich, dark and sexy. The Oxblood Travel Bag is indicative of old leather Chesterfield couches, worn wooden saloons and the kind of good trouble that happens only when the candles are lit. 


Paintbrush strokes on a stretched canvas and Earth underneath your fingernails, Ochre Clay brings to mind the scenes of the Sedona desert, where a vibration as old as the ground beneath seems to transport you to more nostalgic times. 

+ Have your bag Customized by artist Kate Rogal +

at checkout, add “Customize w/ Kate” in the notes! You will then be introduced via email to collaborate on your Travel Bag ✨

$400 fully covered bag

$200 half covered

$100 single large design or two small

$50 small design

$25 monogram