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Era - Contemporary, by The Moonstoned

Materials - 14k Gold

Weight - 5.15g

Measurements - 22.3mm x 14.6mm

Note - Made to Order with love and care, please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery. 

When I think of my Grandfather, the memories flutter through my minds eye in short movies of his hands. 

Like a slow study of movement, long fingers span from broad wrists constantly engaged. My Grandfathers hands could have been devastating hammers, if he had so chosen. 

On the contrary, ten fingers and two palms cupped new born babies, cows, kittens. They guided wood through saw blades, gently. I’ve witnessed their massive size pluck a wildflower from the ground, never crushing a hollow stem, to hand to my Grandmother, foreheads pressed together. 

One hand would lift me into a saddle like I were a feather, settling worn leather reins into my own hands and showing me how to hold them just so. Hands taught his daughters, his sons how to make a basketball or a volleyball follow their lead, write a letter or hug one another. 

My childhood is rich with memories of the sound of that colossal hand slapping the wooden table with laughter, a table he built with them. Of tracing slow paths up the backs of my cousins and I as we piled around him like puppies, tired after a long day outdoors, dreaming. 

His hands were never empty, my Grandfather. Even at that, the place where I saw them pause the most were with my Grandmother. With her, his hands would soften, curve to hold her - just so. His hands knew her body, her face, her presence as a life affirmation, the place where his hands were Home. 

It’s been almost a year since he passed, leaving us with memories too many to hold. I wanted to make something for my Grandmother, but I couldn’t imagine just how. 

After a dream, a visit, a recalling; whatever you may call it, I knew. 

A solid gold Worry Stone, an object to soothe to touch to comfort with my Grandfathers fingerprint like a press into the very heart of it. Very much like his own hands in life.

Whether the prints of a loved one, the paws a beloved pet or hand engraved words of encouragement this pendant is designed to be a touch stone to soothe your worries and more. 

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