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Meet the beauty behind one of my favorite vintage jewelry destinations, Elizabeth Kranz of The Moonstoned. 


I'm a Cancer. Moon baby all the way!


Oh my, where to begin?! Buying and wearing vintage and antique jewelry has so many facets (get it?) to it. For me, it starts with a story. Have you ever put something on or seen an item and it just resonates with you? It pulls you in and you can't explain why. It has a history, a story that somewhere along your path you can relate with. I am especially sensitive to Victorian Era jewelry because there was so much romanticism and symbolism. Lovers would even gift each other a lock of their hair to wear (this is where the term "locket" comes from) or have miniature portraits painted of themselves. 

Secondly, there is no carbon footprint when buying antique jewelry. Everything was made by hand, by someone who studied for decades under someone who had studied for a lifetime perfecting the art of making jewelry. No cold machinery. No blood diamonds. No stones made with programmed lasers delivered to you by unfeeling white gloves in a blue box. 

Where is the love in that, anyway?


I have always loved jewelry. I grew up in New Mexico where I was surrounded by Native American artisans working in Turquoise + silver. I was mad about it. My mom would take me on trips to Silver City, Santa Fe and Taos when the festivals and street fairs were happening. I would spend hours looking at all of the jewelry. I was so inspired by the Native American history and story telling. 

I studied Metal Smithing as well as Jewelry History in school, where I fell in love with European romanticism and technique in jewelry. I started collecting everything I could get my hands on. The more I wore the more people would ask me about my rings or necklaces. They always got an earful, I really can't stop myself from sharing all of this information about jewelry, and I was always encouraged by everyone to start a platform to share and sell from. Not just a jewelry store for a pretty ring or bauble, but something that has substance and history. 

The name "The Moonstoned" comes from my deep-rooted personal relationship with the Moon. Whatever beautiful and powerful things I manifest into my life always seem to happen when the Moon is at her fullest! Moonstone is as a result one of my favorite stones, which happens to be a very powerful Goddess stone. 


We are really seeing a resurgence in older styles of diamond cuts, Rose Cuts in particular. I have also been getting a lot of requests for older opals from clients of mine. However at the end of the day, I really believe that we all develop a certain style and attraction to certain looks or feels. If you love a garnet palette in springtime when people are saying you should wear citrine, you rock that garnet, Sister.


Ooo I love this question. My absolute favorite is the "In Love Consent" Posy Ring. These are increasingly rare after centuries of people melting down the more simple of their family gold jewelry for money (Heart breaking!). Inside each band a short rhyme or 'poem' is hand carved. This one says "In Love Consent and Be Content". How sweet is that? Look up some of these guys and their carvings. It's so neat.

II. The Black Bandit Memorial Ring. This is a Men's ring and I could kill for one that’s my size, seriously, but what's most special about it is that it was made to commemorate the passing of a loved one. In the Victorian Era you would go into a period of mourning after someone you loved died. You would wear only black and adorn yourself in mementos of your loved one, like this ring here. 

Considering I only wear black all the time anyway (on the contrary to my sunny disposition) and the history of love behind a black enameled Mourning Band such as this one, I am a total sucker for it. 

III. The Dancing Feather Earrings. They are JUST. THE. BEST. I can wear them for everything during the day and not even think twice about them when slinking into a dress and red lip for night. They also make me think about seeing a Powwow for the first time when I was a kid, all of the swirling and dancing feathers...

IV. The Navajo Squashblossom Necklace. Every single badass lady out there needs one of these in her jewelry box. Black Jacket and boots, vintage tee and high-waisted jeans. Authentic Squashblossom Necklace. You just can't beat it. 

V. This one is one I'm currently working on of my own. It's an antique inspired ring and I’m working with an incredibly talented friend to make these. I can't say more than that, but they will be ready just in time for summer. I can't wait! 


Alright, Sister I've got this one down pat. Many a relative and friend have come to visit since I've moved up here! Day one we get the tourist jazz out of the way. Walking The High Line sipping on Blue Bottle coffee, cut out and over to Times Square (which is the ONLY time you will get me up there), walk through Central Park, then to Grand Central Station, take the train down to Financial District for the WTC and view of Lady Liberty. 

We're exhausted from all that walking so it’s time to head to the most delicious and creative vegan dinner at Dirt Candy and drinks at Leadbelly. A late night comedy show and even later dancing the night away. 

Two Hands for breakfast (check out their new art, the photographer is amazing) and Dudley's for dinner. There is an amazing Vegan Cupcake shop around the corner that I spend way too much time at also. Wandering the streets of downtown is the best way to discover new art exhibits and pop ups. You can't have a bad day in NYC with no agenda and eyes wide open. So much is happening all the time...


It's almost Summer and I can't even believe it! All last year I was in Montuak and it was a dream. Waking up in the morning to run on the beach to Left Hand for a Matcha Green Tea, then breakfast at Joni's doesn't really get better. Try a surfing lesson with John when you're out there. He was incredibly patient with my relentless spills off of the board. 

Upstate is where the Magic is. Being from the Southwest I feel most centered when I'm near mountains and rivers. Catskill near Woodstock is the sweetest town surrounded by hikes, rivers and the best damn cafe + country store, Circle W.  


The most important thing to me is living a clean, healthy Vegan diet. With all of the problems we have brought down on Mama Earth it's my most powerful and effective tool to giving back to her. Even if you are eating grass fed, local, organic...all of those labels are for Self, not for the Earth and certainly not for animals. BUT with that being said I'll get off of my soapbox and say I never condemn or judge someone based on his or her choices. I also try and spend quite a bit of time without makeup and nourish my skin with Benshen Serum No.2. (If you don't have this product, get it. It's a game-changer.) I heard the other day that women are projected to absorb over 8 pounds of makeup through our skin in a lifetime. EEEESH! If that doesn't make you run to the sink to let that beautiful face breathe, I don't know what will. 

Two other things I can't live without would have to be Sun on my skin (just for a bit) and breaking a sweat every day. I feel so good and so alive after a good sweat. Running is my favorite way to let my mind escape as well. 

Lastly, I couldn't function the way I do without actively setting my intentions every day. After tea in the morning I write out everything I want to come into my life. Whether it's coming across a mind-blowing ring, an opportunity to change someone’s day in a positive way, or to experience love on a deeper level. 

All of these things together make me feel centered, capable and powerful. Everyone of us has it within to feel this way every day! 

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